Friday, February 18, 2005

death to al quada


Overheard Inside A Fallujah Bunker By Jeff Goldstein
Overheard in a Fallujah "militant" stronghold, November 3First Militant: “But what about the provisional vote? Can’t the tall infidel still wrest Ohio from the cowboy monkey?”
Second Militant: “Alas, my brother, I fear the calculus redounds against him. Which reminds me: where did we put those Kevlar head scarves, do you remember...?"
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Sunday, November 7First militant: “Do you suppose the American Marines will give us candy and toys once they’ve liberated the city?”
Second militant: “For the last time, that’s not funny, Raed. Now shut up and load your rifle."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Monday, November 8First militant: “Do you smell Old Spice, Farouk? Because I swear I smell Old Spice and cowboy boots. And Johnny Cash.”
Second militant: “If you don’t stop with the jokes, Raed, so help me I’ll shoot you my godd@mn self, peace be upon you."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Tuesday, November 9First militant: “Listen to that rumble, Farouk. Do you suppose its P-Diddy and his posse come to help us ‘Rock the Vote’?”
Second militant: “If that last air strike hadn’t pinned me under this rubble, Raed, so help me God I’d be on sitting on your chest right now, b*tchslapping you like the little woman you are."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Wednesday, November 10First militant: “You know, for paper tigers, these American infidels sure did pack enough ordnance, wouldn’t you say, Farouk?”
Second militant: “I cannot feel my legs."* Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Thursday, November 11First militant: “What’s that smell, Farouk? Do you smell it?—like deviled egg and Drakkar slathered over wet goat?"*
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Friday, November 12First militant: “Okay, let me put it this way, then. If I am the greatest warrior in all of Arabia, and you, Farouk, are but a simple-minded, flea-bitten kalb who likes to lay with men...say nothing.”
Second militant:
First militant: “Ha! I knew it."*
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Saturday, November 13First militant: “Why do you suppose Allah so hates the west, Farouk? Is it the pork? Because I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided I don’t want to be the last man to die for a ham sandwich...”
Second militant:
Sunday, November 14, 2004 Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Sunday, November 14First rodent: “Any good..?”
Second rodent: “Feh. Tastes like a bearded chick pea.”


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