Monday, July 11, 2005

god bless the police

Anarchists protest G-8 -- officer badly hurt
Cicero A. Estrella, Chronicle Staff Writer

Sunday, July 10, 2005

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A San Francisco police officer was in serious condition with a head injury and three suspects were in custody Saturday following a demonstration by anarchists who broke windows in the Mission District to protest the gathering of the Group of 8 leaders in Scotland.

Police did not release the name of the officer who was hurt in Friday night's melee. Deputy Police Chief Greg Suhr said Saturday that the officer was in serious but stable condition with brain swelling at San Francisco General Hospital. He has developed a blood clot, which doctors hope to dissolve before he is released, Suhr said.

The department's spokeswoman, Maria Oropeza, said the officer and his partner were driving on 23rd Street in response to a vandalism call when protesters threw a mattress underneath their patrol car.

"They got out to apprehend the suspects, at which point they were surrounded by a crowd," Oropeza said. "One of the officers was struck on the head by an unidentified object."

Police arrested Cody Tarlow, 21, of Felton (Santa Cruz County), Doritt Earnst, 31, of Berkeley and a third suspect who refused to identify himself.

They were being held on suspicion of attempted lynching, malicious mischief, battery to a police officer, aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and willful resistance to a police officer that results in serious bodily injury.

In addition, Tarlow was held on suspicion of wearing a disguise for the purpose of escaping discovery or identification with a public offense. Earnst was also suspected of removing a weapon other than a firearm from an officer, and the unidentified man was suspected of inciting a riot.

A posting on a Web site used by the organizers of Friday's protest said, "The legal team is working on getting (the suspects) attorneys and getting them released! There will be a meeting to organize support for them." The meeting is scheduled for this morning.

The protest was one of many from around the world in response to the summit in Scotland by leaders of wealthy nations -- the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom. Representatives from China, India, South Africa, Brazil and Mexico also attended.

The San Francisco protest was billed as the "West Coast Anti-Capitalist Convergence and March against the G-8." Protesters broke windows and glass doors at two Wells Fargo Bank locations, a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and a shoe store. Red anarchy signs were spray-painted on sidewalks and windows.

Mike Ayesh, manager and co-owner of the Kentucky Fried Chicken in the 1000 block of Valencia Street, said a masked protester threw a hammer through a front window about 9:30 p.m.

Henry Williams, manager of Shoe Biz on the 800 block of Valencia, estimated the cost to replace a cracked 6-foot-by-9-foot window at $1,600.

"I don't know why they targeted the store," Williams said. "We're a small family-owned business, not a big corporation."

By early afternoon, most of the damage from the protest had been fixed or patched up. Newsstand boxes turned over at a number of intersections on Valencia Street had been returned to the sidewalks. Cracked windows had either been replaced or boarded up.

Mission District resident Mike Voight said he didn't know what the demonstration was about. When informed of the reason, he said he was surprised that protesters picked his neighborhood.

"It's so out of context," he said. "Bartlett and 23rd Street is not the place I would chose" to protest the G-8 summit.

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You should put links in your posts. I couldn't find the article you refer to at the San Francisco Chronicle. Thanks for commenting at LIBERALS SUCK.

Maybe off-topic, but here's this:

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Marines in Iraq
Really great and touching stuff on "Blackfive"

Below is an email home from a Marine in the 3rd Battalion, 25th Regiment in Iraq. (Hit, Iraq, is pronounced "Heat").

Dear Family,
We (KABAR 7) were ordered to contact our families and I'm letting you know we are alright before anything goes on the newswire. Today at 0915, our Mobile Assault Platoon was passing a white conversion van that was acting suspicious in its movement, and when our lead vehicle drove past, the van accelerated immediately off the shoulder and headed to try and ram the back of vehicle 1. Immediately the gunner on my usual vehicle (V 2) opened up on the van with .50 cal machine gun fire trying to disable it, SSGT Brady called over the radio to "look out victor 1 he's coming after you!" victor 1 eluded the gaining vehicle until the decision was made to pull off the road and at that moment, the driver detonated his vehicle about 15 yards from the rear of vehicle 1, blowing the humvee off of the road and ejecting the Battalion Sgt Major, Wagner and Lcpl Idiaquez, a huge fireball about 50 feet tall enveloped the vehicles as I witnessed shrapnel flying all around us. The humvee rolled to a stop, the rear of our convoy took far off sniper fire and we returned fire until there were no more shots, and then we rushed to the scene, put out the flaming humvee and tended to the wounded. We thank the Lord for protecting us as there were only some minor broken bones and burns and superficial injuries. We say a prayer everytime we go out without fail, as a platoon, and when I show you pictures, you'd understand God was looking out for us today. This is the 2nd lead humvee that we've lost this month as our convoy hit a 155 artillery round improvised explosive device 2 weeks ago. that also blew the rear off that vehicle. I think the lord knows this platoon has suffered enough with the 4 killed in action and over 12 wounded in action we have sustained in 5 months. That being said, our platoon totals around 18 men, and 6 or 7 members that are still with us already have Purple Hearts. 4 out of the 5 wounded in the lead vehicle were flown to Al Asad airbase for medical treatment, at least 3 probably will be sent home since we have only a month and change left here. By the way, from the look of the driver when he vehicle 1 looked at his face as they passed and the size of his hands and foot, we suspect he was about 12-14 years of age. We found a ribcage, a knee to the foot section, a brain lobe and various other things like the jaw and scalp up to 100 yards away. And crazy enough, the only body part that was blown into vehicle 1 was his penis and scrotum sack, sans 1 nut. The running sick joke was that he is in Allah-Land right now with the other suicide bomber that hit us in May, trying to figure out what he is going to do with all these virgins when his manhood is in a burnpile at Camp Hit. And of course we let the local dogs eat the rest of his extra crispy dismemberment.
You can only have gallows humor after an event like this...its that thing after combat that gets you back on the road again ready to hunt em down again the next day.
Jake 3/25

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