Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ward churchill/naom chomsky birds of a feather

Snakes in the Cradle
As Ward Churchill continues to luxuriate in his infamy, he can take extra satisfaction that Bill Maher is not his only admirer; nor is Churchill alone in academia. According to CNN, MIT professor Noam Chomsky has sent Churchill a note of support, praising his "achievements" as being "of inestimable value." [Less sophisticated correspondents were not as supportive: one email reads, "If you ever come to Florida, I will personally bash your (expletive) brains in."]

Chomsky's enthusiasm for the treasonous maniac's so-called achievements should come as no surprise. He is already on the record as proclaiming Churchill's work to be "excellent, penetrating and of high scholarly quality."

Others don't seem to share this view. For example, Churchill's colleague at University of Colorado, law professor Paul Campos, has cited evidence that Churchill has plagiarized and fabricated material.

"That goes beyond being an ideological hack and having no balance or nuance or intelligence in your work," CNN quotes Campos. "It goes into the realm of academic fraud, which is a firing offense."

Campos probably isn't overly unconcerned with Churchill's dire warnings that higher education may one day be reduced to "an advanced vo-tech" where students are taught skills "useful to corporations" — in other words, job skills grounded in reality instead of the economically useless and profoundly inaccurate but politically correct anti-American propaganda students are force-fed now, at great expense to themselves, their parents, and taxpayers.

Chomsky, on the other hand, is on the same page as the mad professor, being an equally mad professor himself. David Horowitz considers Chomsky to possess "the most treacherous intellect in America."

As usual, Horowitz is worth quoting at length, as he holds Chomsky and his kind responsible for poisoning the minds of the rabid young fools who can be found railing against America on any campus:

There are many who ask how it is possible that our most privileged and educated youth should come to despise their own nation — a free, open, democratic society — and to do so with such ferocious passion. They ask how it is possible for American youth to even consider lending comfort and aid to the Osama bin Ladens and the Saddam Husseins (and the Communists before them). A full answer would involve a search of the deep structures of the human psyche, and its irrepressible longings for a redemptive illusion. But the short answer is to be found in the speeches and writings of an embittered academic and his intellectual supporters.
For forty years, Noam Chomsky has turned out book after book, pamphlet after pamphlet and speech after speech with one message, and one message alone: America is the Great Satan; it is the fount of evil in the world. In Chomsky’s demented universe, America is responsible not only for its own bad deeds, but for the bad deeds of others, including those of the terrorists who struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In this attitude he is the medium for all those who now search the ruins of Manhattan not for the victims and the American dead, but for the "root causes" of the catastrophe that befell them.
Here's a quick sample of the rhetoric Professor Chomsky uses to "educate" our young:

Legally speaking, there's a very solid case for impeaching every American president since the Second World War. They've all been either outright war criminals or involved in serious war crimes.
Chomsky's point of view does not differ significantly from Churchill's. It is certainly not less fanatical, vicious, false, or anti-American.

Who is more typical of academia — Paul Campos or Noam Chomsky? I suspect the latter, or Churchill's shoddy scholarship, lack of qualifications, and "in-your-face" (his own term) anti-American fanaticism would have gotten him into trouble long before the world outside the ivory towers happened to find out about him.

As the fact that Noam Chomsky is regarded as a highly respected intellectual confirms, Churchill is merely the tip of an iceberg. This country's universities have been hijacked by its worst enemies. Allowing these psychopaths and the useful idiots who go along with them to pervert the young minds they are entrusted to educate is like allowing poisonous snakes in a cradle. Higher education needs to be reclaimed.

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Bill Maher supports Ward Churchill?


why am I not surprised?

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