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Judge's husband, mother found deadBy David HeinzmannTribune staff reporterPublished February 28, 2005, 9:25 PM CST
The federal judge whom white supremacist Matthew Hale attempted to have murdered found her husband and mother lying dead in her house when she returned home Monday night, police said.Judge Joan H. Lefkow returned to her house in the 5200 block of North Lakewood Avenue after work and found the bodies of her husband, attorney Michael F. Lefkow and her mother, Donna Humphrey, lying in blood in the house, police said.Detectives, U.S. Marshals and FBI agents rushed to the scene and were investigating the deaths as a "death investigation," police said. Other family members may also have been present when the bodies were discovered, neighbors said.Police sources were cautious about describing the deaths Monday night, and said it was too early to say how the victims were killed.Michael F. Lefkow was an attorney in private practice. He was deeply involved in the Episcopal church and ran unsuccessfully for Cook County judge in 2002. Neighbors said they did not know whether the judge's mother was living with the family. The Lefkows married in 1975 and have four daughters.Hale, the 33-year-old founder of the World Church of the Creator was arrested in January 2003 and charged with soliciting Judge Lefkow's murder a month after she had held him in contempt of court. Based largely on testimony from Hale's "security chief," a jury convicted Hale of soliciting the judge's murder in April 2004.U.S. District Court Judge James Moody is scheduled to sentence Hale on April 6. Hale is currently being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in the South Loop.Evidence in the case against Hale included an email he sent the security chief, Thomas Evola, asking for Lefkow's home address. The address was posted on a white supremacist web site.In a recorded conversation played at the trial, Evola, who was an FBI informant, talked with Hale about Lefkow and asked, "We gonna exterminate that rat?"Hale first came to prominence in 1999 as a white supremacist and head of the World Church of the Creator. Over the Independence Day weekend, former church member Benjamin Smith went on a shooting spree directed at racial minorities, killing two and wounding nine.The FBI investigated Hale's role but he was never charged.In 2000, the Oregon-based group TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation, more commonly called Church of the Creator sued Hale for trademark infringement.Lefkow ruled in Hale's favor, but a federal appeals court in 2002 ruled that Hale's group had violated the Oregon church's trademark.

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Recommended movie

Hotel Rwanda

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gi's yes--hippies no commie profs got to go

It is the soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
It is the soldier, not the organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.
It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protestor to burn the flag.
- Father Dennis Edward O'Brian, USMC

islamo fascism

In light of the criticism recently leveled against Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi, the Doha Youth Center held a solidarity conference on February 17, 2005. Various Arab and Islamic personalities participated in the conference, such as the Mufti of Oman, Ahmad Al-Khalili, Sudan's Minister of Awqaf (Endowments) 'Asim Al-Bashir, and the editor of the Egyptian nationalist weekly Al-Usbu' Mustafa Bakri. The following are excerpts from the conference:Al-Qaradhawi: Nobody in Qatar Dictates to Me What to Talk and What Not to Talk About in My SermonsDuring the conference, Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi noted that the Qatari authorities give him complete freedom of action, and that they never intervened in the contents of his sermons: "I can testify about the country [Qatar] that for 44 years, since I arrived there, nobody has interfered with my freedom, prevented me from giving a sermon, or dictated to me what to talk about and what not [to talk] about. Moreover, I am the one who decides what I will talk about..."When I was only nine, the people of my village gave me the title 'sheikh [who teaches] the Koran and religious science.' I have devoted myself to religious propagation [da'wa] for the sake of Allah, and I have not relinquished the mission that Allah entrusted to me. I see myself as appointed by Allah. I will never withdraw from this mission. I hope my life will end with a virtuous death, like [the death] sought by warriors fighting Jihad for the sake of Allah. I do not defend falsehood or the tyrants ... but I defend and am beneficial to the affairs of my nation. I will not relinquish my mission whatever accusations are leveled at me regarding terrorism or other matters."(1)The London Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat reported that Al-Qaradhawi said: "I am not afraid of the Mossad or the Americans." He also said: "The Mossad has threatened to eliminate me, and I hope that Allah will grant me martyrdom [shahada] for His sake and that my life will end by my dying at the hands of the enemies of Islam." According to the daily, Al-Qaradhawi hoped to die "a virtuous death" and that this meant "that the head would be severed from the body."(2)London Mayor Livingstone: 'Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi's Ideology is Utterly Remote from Extremism'During the solidarity conference, a film about Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi was aired, in which London Mayor Ken Livingstone appeared. According to a report on Al-Jazeera TV's Internet site, Livingstone said: "We were surprised by the onslaught of unbridled distortion of facts in the papers, which described this man as a wild animal and presented him as the jurisprudent of Satan ... We were therefore of the opinion that it is important to conduct a comprehensive inquiry, in which we will consult with the world's 'ulema and study Dr. Al-Qaradhawi's 140 books."The results of the report were astounding. It transpired that most of the fabrications that distorted Dr. Al-Qaradhawi's words come from the institute called 'The Middle East Media Research Institute,' which purports to be an objective institute interpreting the words of the Muslim 'ulema from around the world. However, we have discovered that an ex-officer in the Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, is running this institute and that the institute systematically distorts not only Al-Qaradhawi's words, but the words of many [other] Muslim 'ulema as well. In most cases, this distortion is comprehensive, and therefore we printed this document."(3)According to the Qatar daily Al-Sharq, Livingstone noted that after special committees had studied Al-Qaradhawi's ideology by reviewing over 140 books, as well as sermons and lectures by Al-Qaradhawi, it was found that "Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi's ideology is utterly remote from extremism."(4)Participant: 'Yesterday It Was Garaudy, Today It Is Al-Qaradhawi'In their speeches, some of the conference's participants recalled the fact that the center had previously held a conference in solidarity with Holocaust denier Roger Garaudy. One of the participants, Muhammad Al-Musfir, a political science lecturer at Qatar University, said: "I thank Qatar's political leadership for [the way] it has treated thinking and sensible men, despite the great onslaught against it. I also thank the youth center in Doha, which respects freethinkers and supports them. Yesterday it was Garaudy, and today it is Al-Qaradhawi, with whom we totally identify."(5)Dr. Hayat Al-Hweiek 'Atiya, who is close to Garaudy and who translated one of his books denying the Holocaust, also participated in the conference. 'Atiya, the only Christian participant, said: "Muslim civilization is being targeted. As a Christian, I think we are gathering today [to honor] the supreme value that this man represents."(6) Endnotes:(1) Al-Sharq (Qatar), February 20, 2005.(2) Al-Hayat (London), February 19, 2005. In his memoirs, Al-Qaradhawi noted that Hasan Al-Bana, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood movement in 1936, related to "virtuous death" as follows: "Jihad in this period is a personal duty of every Egyptian and Sudanese until the English leave his homeland. Each citizen must sacrifice whatever he can. The Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to sacrifice thousands of young men as offerings to their homeland, which is a large part of the land of Islam... Oh Allah, give me a virtuous life and a virtuous death. What is a virtuous death, oh [Muslim] brothers? Is it to die in bed next to your wife, your children, and your relatives? The virtuous death that I imagine is [one in which] this head - pointing to his own head - is severed from this body for the sake of Allah." See: .(3) Al-Jazeera TV


21 February 2005 - A policewoman stands guard near a wagon of the former Drancy deportation center, outside Paris. Vandals in the Paris suburb of Drancy attempted to set fire to a railway carriage which commemorates the deportation of tens of thousands of Jews in World War II. Police found a bottle that had apparently contained a flammable liquid, as well as a note claiming responsibility which bore an inverted swastika and the signature "Ben Laden." Drancy was the site of the detention center and railway depot from where most of the 76,000 Jews deported from France left on their last journey to the Nazi death camps.Photo JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images


TORONTO — Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew (search) said Thursday that Canada will opt out of the contentious U.S. missile defense scheme, a move expected to further strain relations with the United States and please constituents at home.


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good bless america

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death to al quada


Overheard Inside A Fallujah Bunker By Jeff Goldstein
Overheard in a Fallujah "militant" stronghold, November 3First Militant: “But what about the provisional vote? Can’t the tall infidel still wrest Ohio from the cowboy monkey?”
Second Militant: “Alas, my brother, I fear the calculus redounds against him. Which reminds me: where did we put those Kevlar head scarves, do you remember...?"
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Sunday, November 7First militant: “Do you suppose the American Marines will give us candy and toys once they’ve liberated the city?”
Second militant: “For the last time, that’s not funny, Raed. Now shut up and load your rifle."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Monday, November 8First militant: “Do you smell Old Spice, Farouk? Because I swear I smell Old Spice and cowboy boots. And Johnny Cash.”
Second militant: “If you don’t stop with the jokes, Raed, so help me I’ll shoot you my godd@mn self, peace be upon you."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Tuesday, November 9First militant: “Listen to that rumble, Farouk. Do you suppose its P-Diddy and his posse come to help us ‘Rock the Vote’?”
Second militant: “If that last air strike hadn’t pinned me under this rubble, Raed, so help me God I’d be on sitting on your chest right now, b*tchslapping you like the little woman you are."
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Wednesday, November 10First militant: “You know, for paper tigers, these American infidels sure did pack enough ordnance, wouldn’t you say, Farouk?”
Second militant: “I cannot feel my legs."* Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Thursday, November 11First militant: “What’s that smell, Farouk? Do you smell it?—like deviled egg and Drakkar slathered over wet goat?"*
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Friday, November 12First militant: “Okay, let me put it this way, then. If I am the greatest warrior in all of Arabia, and you, Farouk, are but a simple-minded, flea-bitten kalb who likes to lay with men...say nothing.”
Second militant:
First militant: “Ha! I knew it."*
Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Saturday, November 13First militant: “Why do you suppose Allah so hates the west, Farouk? Is it the pork? Because I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and I’ve decided I don’t want to be the last man to die for a ham sandwich...”
Second militant:
Sunday, November 14, 2004 Overheard inside a Fallujah bunker, Sunday, November 14First rodent: “Any good..?”
Second rodent: “Feh. Tastes like a bearded chick pea.”

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crosto construstion site

Imagine what good use the money spent on "The Gates" could have been put to.
The same types who are applauding Christo now were probably screaming about the cost of President Bush's inauguration several weeks ago.
Many of them were probably demonstrating in the streets, too.
What hypocrites

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art for the troops

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us."George Orwell

god bless our troops

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us."George Orwell

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is "Bush = Hitler" art?

Mark Steyn asks, “Are there no grown-ups left in Rhode Island?
When Chariho Regional High School art teacher Lynn Norton set her pupils the task of expressing an idea three-dimensionally, Jeffrey Eden immediately thought of a diorama comparing Bush to Hitler. You might think that ought to be disqualified on the grounds that characterizing Bush as Hitler is about as two-dimensional as you can get, and it’s less of a diorama than the diarrhea of leftist rhetoric, as poured forth by millions of drones and nude Marin County feminist protesters and European activist puppeteers. But there’s always room for one more, and Jeffrey’s schoolmarm was thrilled at the way he did it so cutely, draping a swastika on one side and the Stars and Stripes on the other, and putting in little plastic soldiers — Nazi and American, though who can tell the difference, right? — and then adding his own penetrating observations on both Bush (“Saddam had no affiliation with the Taliban”) and his predecessor as Fuhrer (“Hitler’s own justification was his own hatred.” Hmm. What a testament to the quality of Rhode Island’s “Social Studies” curriculum).
Well, Jeffrey’s 17. One day, with a bit of luck, he’ll realize Bush isn’t Hitler. If he were, Jeffrey would be in the Bush Youth doing patriotic exercises in shorts every morning and singing the special Texan lyrics to the Horst Wessel song, and he wouldn’t have time to do dioramas of dissent. But what are we to make of everyone else in this sorry story? The art teacher who gave him an A. The 15 judges in the Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards who awarded him their “silver key.” The proprietor of Alperts Furniture Showroom in Seekonk where the winning “art” work is proudly on display. Are there no grown-ups left in Rhode Island?
I’m not worried about Iraq. As they demonstrated on Jan. 30, they’ll be just fine. The western front is the important one in this war, the point of intersection between Islam and a liberal democratic tradition so mired in self-loathing it would rather destroy our civilization just to demonstrate its multicultural bona fides. It’s not that young Eden knows nothing, but that neither his teachers, judges nor furniture showroom proprietors do. By contrast, our enemies know us very well, at least when it comes to courtroom strategies and canny manipulation of the fetish of “tolerance.”

Thank you Mark Styne & Little green footballs from which the above was taken. My thoughts on this is that it may be art but it is not truth nor is it good art. On a personal level only an idiot would think that an American President and the nazi genocidal meglomaical murder have anything in common. If you compared Joe Stalin or Mao to austrian paper hanger you would be in line. My wife's family was butchered by real fascists. Now if someone took this piece of crap and burned it now that would be a great piece of conceptual art.

Art for America
Art in service for truth and freedom

Art for America

Art for America
I am a printmaker who is proud to be an American. My art work consists of wood cuts, wood engravings, and metal engravings. My work is in two areas one takes a positive look at America and American history. And the second area of work is in the area of Judaica. I wish to look at both of these things in the future.