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news the new york times will not print

By Bill Sammon
Published June 30, 2005

President Bush, who met with relatives of fallen soldiers before Tuesday's Fort Bragg speech, was urged to stay the course in Iraq by a woman who gave him a bracelet honoring her late husband.
"I said: 'I know people are pushing you, but please don't pull the guys out of Iraq too soon,' " said Crystal Owen, whose husband, Staff Sgt. Mike Owen, was killed in Iraq last year.
"Don't let my husband -- and 1,700-plus other deaths -- be in vain," she added during a private meeting with Mr. Bush at the North Carolina base. "They were over there, fighting for a democratic nation, and I hope you'll keep our service members over there until the mission can be accomplished."
Mrs. Owen gave the president a stainless steel bracelet engraved with the names of her husband and another soldier, Cpl. John Santos, both of whom were killed on Oct. 15.
The president slipped the bracelet on his left wrist and wore it throughout his 28-minute prime-time address to the nation, becoming visibly emotional at times.
"We have lost good men and women who left our shores to defend freedom and did not live to make the journey home," he said as his eyes turned glassy. "I've met with families grieving the loss of loved ones who were taken from us too soon."
Before his speech, as is his custom, the president met for three hours with more than 90 spouses, children and parents of 32 soldiers killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. The last person he met was Mrs. Owen.
"Even though he'd met with 31 other families prior to me, it was like I was the only one -- I mean, he made me feel special," she told The Washington Times yesterday. "He wanted to know about Mike and about me and if I was OK.
"I did get teary-eyed and he kind of held my hands for a while," she added. "He was very sincere and gave me a kiss on the cheek as he left -- I was a little flabbergasted."
The only other people in the room were two Secret Service agents and a photographer for the White House, which declined to release photos.
Mr. Bush has always barred press coverage of his meetings with family members of fallen soldiers.
"It's a time for the president to comfort the families and reassure them that the world is going to be a more peaceful place because of their loved ones," explained White House press secretary Scott McClellan.
"There were a lot of hugs," he said of the Tuesday meeting. "They shared some tears and some laughs."
Mr. Bush has long been criticized by Democrats for not attending the funerals of Americans who have died in the war against terrorism. But White House officials say the president does not want to disrupt public services or create the appearance that he favors one family over another.
The practice began on Sept. 14, 2001, when the president spent hours visiting relatives of those who had been killed in the World Trade Center three days earlier.
During the highly emotional gathering in Manhattan, Mr. Bush alternately laughed and cried with the families, posing for pictures and giving autographs.
Since then, he has continued the somber ritual by meeting with hundreds of relatives of slain soldiers at such military bases as Fort Stewart, Ga.; Fort Polk, La.; and Fort Lewis, Wash.
At Fort Campbell, Ky., in 2004, he met with 133 relatives of 46 fallen service members. While at Fort Hood, Texas, in April, he met with 90 family members of 33 slain soldiers.
The president wept during a meeting one year ago at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. In December, he posthumously awarded a Bronze Star during a meeting with 50 family members at Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Although not all family members agree with the president's policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, many reported being deeply moved by their sessions with him. These include Dave Bader, whose brother, Staff Sgt. Daniel Bader, was killed in Iraq.
"He was just a regular American who came to talk to us," he told the Denver Post after meeting with Mr. Bush at Fort Carson, Colo., in November, 2003. "I was touched by that."
Others used their meetings with the president to counsel perseverance in the face of withering domestic criticism.
"Mike believed in him," Mrs. Owen said. "He was his commander in chief and would have done anything he was ordered to do.
"I was proud to be a military wife," she added. "And I was very honored that the president would take time out to meet with me personally."

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

what the M.S.M. DID NOT SHOW

"If you don't get the Fox News Channel then you didn't see any of the dramatic footage of the Israeli army's arrest yesterday of a 21-year old, female Palestinian homicide-bomber, strapped with 25 pounds of high-explosives, just moments before she was to commit mass-murder by
detonating herself inside an Israeli hospital. No other television network featured the story.

John McCain 2008

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Use of Hitler or Nazi's in political debate

Unless you are talking about something like Saddams genocide against the kurds, or rwanda the use or comparison to Hitler means you have lost the political debate.

Someone should tell Dicky Durbin

here is a t.v. station for dicky derbin to speak on oors they already carried his speech.

The Arab TV news network criticized by the new Iraqi government and others for its anti-American bias and willingness to carry the messages of terrorist organizations, including al-Qaida, is headed for the U.S.-Mexico border to document how easy it is to enter America illegally.

Al-Jazeera has contacted Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leader Chris Simcox to try to arrange interviews. Simcox, who rejected the request for cooperation with the TV network, says al-Jazeera, seen by millions throughout the Arab world and elsewhere, is producing an hour-long documentary news special on lack of security at the U.S. southern border.

Al-Jazeera reporter Naisser Hssaini mentioned the increase in apprehensions of illegal aliens known as OTMs – other than Mexicans. These foreigners increasingly include Arabs, Muslims and others from the Middle East. The reporter also mentioned his familiarity with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement police of catching and releasing OTMS – particularly those not specifically known to be on any terrorist watch list.

“The group has been denied requests for interviews by Minuteman Civil Defense Corps organizers but they still insist on filming the groups’ activities along with the rest of the media during a July 4th weekend mission near Arivaca, Arizona,” said Simcox.

Simcox has contacted the offices of Arizona’s two Republican U.S. senators – John McCain and Jon Kyl – to invite them to do interviews with al Jazeera, “so perhaps they can explain to the viewers of this news outlet just how secure America’s borders really are.”

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the real getmo

Sunday, 06/19/05

Up close, these are the nastiest of prisoners

John Krenson is a deacon at The Cathedral in Nashville.

He is married and is raising two small children.

And he loves his country and state so much that he volunteered 19 years ago to serve in the Tennessee Army National Guard. There, he has risen to the rank of major and returned from a year in Afghanistan.

And as an intelligence specialist, he came face to face with the kind of men incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay.

This weekend, the big news media outlets will continue to beat the drum over Gitmo and seek out more congressmen and women to say the facility should be closed. More critics will be given a forum to call Gitmo "a gulag" even though that definition requires thousands to be killed. And comments by Illinois' Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin — comparing our soldiers at Gitmo to Nazis — will be amplified.

Yet someone such as Krenson will not have a broad forum to tell the truth about the war on terror, the circumstances in Afghanistan from which these terrorists came and to defend the good name of our men and women in uniform.

"I worked with people who had worked at Gitmo earlier, I worked with people who worked at the primary detention facility in AFG, and I visited that facility many times. I saw detainees (many times on their prayer rugs, other times reading, other times talking when they were not allowed to). I saw the interrogation rooms. I worked with the soldiers and the leaders who ran this place.

"I know those operations fairly well, and I got to know the people who ran those operations — both active duty and reservists. They are normal Americans. They are good decent people who believed in what they were doing. Americans — including Sen. Durbin — can be and should be proud of them.

"Be assured the worst of the worst detainees are the ones at Gitmo. It took a lot of effort to get a detainee shipped over … . They are no victims. … Their victims are most often Afghan villagers who have risked their lives simply to vote or are construction and aid workers from around the world who are assisting Afghanistan to modernize and develop. The detainees at Gitmo are the ringleaders and verified trigger-pullers in these incidents.

"This is serious business with tens and hundreds of thousands of lives at stake. People have already lost lives because we've released Gitmo detainees. I read those reports, when they were captured — a second time. I can't print the words we used in AFG when we found out a soldier died at the hands of a terrorist released from Gitmo. Gitmo didn't make them want to kill again. Their release allowed them to kill again."

In the war on terror, information saves more lives than tanks. Krenson said he just helped brief 100 Tennessee Guardsmen who will be advisers and trainers to the Afghan National Army throughout Afghanistan and be a big part of election security for upcoming parliamentary elections.

"I saw their bus pull out when they left their families behind, and it took me back to that day when I boarded a bus to leave my family. This time, I knew where those guys were going and what they would be doing. I was proud of them. They are us. These men on that bus were local business owners, school teachers, neighbors, you name it."

Gitmo terrorists want these Guardsmen stopped before more democracy takes root. And their compatriots who are still free would like to kill these Guardsmen without adhering to Geneva Convention rules for combatants to identify themselves and not target civilians. Information from Gitmo terrorists who know these compatriots and their organizations can prevent more deaths.

Americans trust our military to do the right thing — at Gitmo or wherever — in balancing the need for information and also be humane. A recent Gallup poll showed 74% of Americans surveyed expressed trust in the military. That's because the military is us. And more John Krensons returning home alive as deacons in their churches, fathers in their families and heroes in their communities is most important — not the political agendas of U.S. senators and big media. •



"Has there ever been a more revealing moment this year?" Mr. Rove asked. "Let me just put this in fairly simple terms: Al Jazeera now broadcasts the words of Senator Durbin to the Mideast, certainly putting our troops in greater danger. No more needs to be said about the motives of liberals."

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the real Saddam

Saddam Hussein has not a thread of humanity in him. Every act of his is cold and calculated with an end purpose in mind. That purpose being self-preservation and self-indulgence at the cost of all others and at what ever means possible. Saddam has been a thug since his teenage years. He was implicated and later convicted of attempting to assassinate Iraqi prime minister Abdel-Karim Qassem in 1958. Later he was implicated in the mysterious death of his Baathist predecessor Bakar after Baker retired. Shortly after Saddam became president in 1979, he convened a high level Baathist meeting during which he had close allies and friends escorted out of the meeting room and shot, just for being to close to him. Saddam then proceeded to rule Iraq with an Iron fist. He gassed the Kurds, bombed the Shiites, attacked the Iranians, attacked the Kuwaitis, sponsored terrorist camps, financed terrorists, (one of his personal body guards trained in Afghanistan at an Al Qaeda camp), murdered over 1 million Iraqis, maimed, tortured and raped many more for political reasons, orphaned his grandchildren. The list goes on and on.

I ask you are the above acts those of a human being?


Flag burning, such as this man's protest against a trade agreement, may be outlawed.
Senate Battle Is Key
Is it free speech or conduct so offensive the Constitution needs to be amended? The House passed a measure to protect the flag, and both sides say it has a chance of passing in the Senate

TREASON used to be a crime after sept 11 it should be again!!

charlie Daniels AMERICAN

Charlie Daniels, famed musician, writes regarding his Guantanamo Bay trip.
I've just returned from the Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) Naval Air Station base where we did three shows for the troops and toured several locations around the post visiting with some of the finest military personnel on planet earth.

The kids seemed to really enjoy the shows and especially liked "This Ain't No Rag, It's A Flag" and "In America." We had a great time with them.

We saw Camp X-Ray - where the Taliban detainees are being held - only from a distance, but I picked up a lot of what's going on there from talking with many different people.

The truth of the matter is that this operation is under a microscope. The Red Cross has an on-site presence and watches everything that goes on very closely.

The media is not telling you the whole truth about what's going on over there. The truth is that these scum bags are not only being treated humanely, but they are probably better off health-wise and medically than they've ever been in their lives. They are fed well, able to take showers and receive state-of-the-art medical care. And have their own Moslem chaplain.

I saw several of them where they were being treated in a state-of-the-art medical facility.

Now let's talk about the way they treat our people. First of all, they have to be watched constantly. These people are committed and wanton murderers who are willing to die just to kill someone else. One of the doctors told me that when they had Talibans in the hospital the staff had to really be careful with needles, pens and anything else which could be used as a weapon. They also throw their excrement and urine on the troops who are guarding them. And our guys and gals have shown great restraint in not retaliating.

We are spending over a million dollars a day maintaining and guarding these nasty killers and anyone who wants to see them brought to the U.S.A. for trial is either out of their heads or a lawyer looking for money and notoriety. Or both.

I wish the media and the Red Cross and all the rest of the people who are so worried about these criminals would realize that this is not a troop of errant Boy Scouts. These are killers of the worst kind. They don't need protection from us, we need protection from them.

If you don't get anything else out of this soapbox, please try to realize that when you see news coverage much of the time you're not getting the whole story, but an account filtered through a liberal mindset with an agenda.

We have two fights on our hands, the war against terror and the one against the loud-mouthed lawyers and left-wing media who would sap the strength from the American public by making us believe that we're losing the war or doing something wrong in fighting it. Remember these are the same people who told us that Saddam Hussein's Republican guard was going to be an all but invincible enemy and that our smart bombs and other weapons were not really as good as the military said that they were.

They also took up for Bill Clinton while he was cavorting around the Oval office with Monica Lewinsky while the terrorists were gaining strength and bombing our Embassies and dragging the bodies of dead American heroes around the dusty streets of Somalia.

It's a shame that we can't have an unbiased media who would just report the truth and let us make up our own minds. Here I must commend Fox News for presenting both sides much better than the other networks.

They are leaving the other cable networks in the dust. People want to be told the truth. Our military not only needs but deserves our support. Let's give it to them.

The next time you read a media account about the bad treatment of the Taliban in Cuba, remember what I told you. Been there, done that.

Footnote: I got an e-mail from a rather irate first cousin of mine the other day who has a daughter who's a lawyer, and she seemed to think that I was painting all lawyers with the same brush. Please understand that I'm not doing that at all. That would be like saying that all musicians were drug addicts. There are a lot of good and honest attorneys out there. I happen to have one of them. But it seems that they never get any airtime. It's always the radicals who get their opinions heard, who fight the idea of the military tribunals and cite The Constitution and the integrity of America as the source for justifying their opinions.

Well, first of all The Constitution says, "We the people of the United States," it doesn't mention any other country. And, secondly, as far as integrity is concerned, I don't think some of these folks would know integrity if it bit them in the posterior.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Durbins 1998 quote

The record clearly shows that he has harassed American and United Nations inspectors, ordered the destruction of important documents in anticipation of inspections and hampered the ability of inspectors to carry out their mission. His defiant protection of his weapons of mass destruction cannot go unanswered.

Question to liberals?

Why do you want Saddam in power?

to oppose the war really means to have kept Saddam in power, Were there not enough Kurdish people in his mass graves? Did he not give enough money to Hamas to murder jews? Or was it the oil for food program than enriched U.N. buracrats?

Are you the Sen. from my state that can't tell the difference between DACHOU, JOE STALIN'S GULOG, POL POTS KILLING FIELD, OR SADDAM MASS GRAVES or A POW CAMP FOR TERRORISTS in which no one has been killed?

notice barbara what ever you post on my blog I will not censor it.

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the anti-semitic left is trying to take over the democrat party.

"But when the Democratic Party sponsors what amounts to a festival full of anti-Semitic hysteria and Israel bashing at its own headquarters, and invites anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists in to address members of their Congressional delegation, then I think that the line of basic support for Israel has been crossed. Arguably, when former President Jimmy Carter invited filmmaker and Israel hater Michael Moore to share his Presidential box at the 2004 Democratic convention, the line had already been crossed. Or maybe it was crossed when the entire Democratic establishment treated Jew-baiter Al Sharpton as a serious Presidential candidate and respected member of the Party in 2004. Now, there can be little doubt."


June 20, 2005 Edition > Section: Editorials

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Soros to the Rescue?

New York Sun Editorial
June 20, 2005


George Soros, according to the Washington Post, called defeating President Bush "the central focus of my life" and a "matter of life and death." According to the Post, he has said, "America, under Bush, is a danger to the world" and believes a "supremist ideology" guides the White House. He has likened Mr. Bush's views to the Germans in World War II, according to the same Post story, and he spent millions trying to defeat Mr. Bush in the latest election. So what does one figure the Republican leadership in the Congress is going to make of the fact that the no. 2 officer at the United Nations, Mark Malloch Brown, whose current annual net salary as an undersecretary general is $125,000 a year, has emerged as the tenant in a house that Mr. Soros owns and that rents for $120,000 a year?

This insight into the cozy arrangement between Kofi Annan's camarilla and Mr. Bush's angriest political enemy was provided by our Benny Avni in his dispatch on Friday. He reports that both sides say the house, cheek by jowl with Mr. Soros's own residence, is being rented at market rate. He quotes a spokesman for the United Nations Development Program as saying that Mr. Malloch Brown is covering the rent from his savings. He notes that Messrs. Soros and Malloch Brown are good friends. Both the Soros camp and Mr. Malloch Brown's defenders insisted to our Mr. Avni that the living arrangement was set up as a "commercial transaction," rather than a gift.

If that's the case, Mr. Malloch Brown, who is probably the United Nations' most promising official, might want to provide some cancelled rent checks to the House Committee on International Relations, just for safekeeping. And probably get a copy to the Senate as well. Over the weekend, the online London Sunday Times quoted Mr. Malloch Brown as saying that although American right-wingers might disapprove of his association with Mr. Soros, "I hope in America you are still allowed to choose your own friends." Well, in America, yes. But on U.N. soil, we'll see. The London Sunday Times also quoted Mr. Malloch Brown as saying the atmosphere at the United Nations has become "entirely like revolutionary France, where the level of backstabbing and betrayal would make Shakespeare wince."

Call this little Thermidor the other side of the fight over Mr. Bush's nomination of John Bolton to be the American permanent representative. While news was surfacing of the Soros-Malloch Brown arrangement, the House of Representatives was voting - 221-to-184 - to halve American funding of the world body if it fails to implement minimal reforms, leaving taxpayers to wonder why, if it fails to implement reforms, they should pay even half. The House did reject an attempt by Rep. Tom Lantos, who has been losing credibility, to water down the measure by giving some discretion to the state secretary. "We have had enough waivers, enough resolutions, enough statements," Rep. Henry Hyde, chairman of international relations, was quoted by the Associated Press as saying. "It's time we had some teeth in reform."

The decision of the House Friday is an expression not only of a loss of confidence in the management of the United Nations but also in permanent bureaucracy at Foggy Bottom, which has been opposing the House's efforts to get tough. Why would Mr. Lantos think that if the Congress wanted to get tough with the United Nations it would hand the decision on whether to get tough over to a state department that has been opposing the idea of getting tough all along? In any event, the fight over funding the United Nations is going to move now to the Senate, where the lead on the issue will fall to Norman Coleman, who has been the most outspoken advocate of the idea that to enable the start of real reform at the United Nations, Secretary-General Annan should resign.

All this is a context in which it would be prudent, just in the fiduciary sense, for our representatives in Albany to wait to see what kind of financial shape the United Nations will be in before they let a state development corporation go on the hook for the financing of a temporary headquarters in Manhattan. We thought Tina Brown had it just right in her column Thursday; the power brokers in New York are not going to be a help to ordinary taxpaying New Yorkers in this fight. And if Mr. Annan needs someone to finance its temporary headquarters while it renovates its tower on the East River, maybe he can get Mr. Malloch Brown to get his neighbor, Mr. Soros, to lend a hand. If the Congress cuts American dues and the rent check is late, our guess is that Mr. Soros would be the forgiving sort.

one of the answers for Iraq.



Saddam commited genocide against the Kurdish people so far they have found mass graves containing over 300,000 men, women, children and yes even babies. Notice to liberal jews who might come on to my blog don't ever say NEVER AGAIN if you oppose the war in Iraq just because your hatred of President Bush means more than anything else. Saddam commited genocide!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


KARABILA, Iraq - Marines on an operation to eliminate insurgents that began Friday broke through the outside wall of a building in this small rural village to find a torture center equipped with electric wires, a noose, handcuffs, a 574-page jihad manual - and four beaten and shackled Iraqis.
The American military has found torture houses after invading towns heavily populated by insurgents - like Falluja, where the anti-insurgent assault last fall uncovered almost 20 such sites. But rarely have they come across victims who have lived to tell the tale.

The men said they told the marines, from Company K, Third Marines, Second Division, that they had been tortured with shocks and flogged with a strip of rubber for more than two weeks, unseen behind the windows of black glass. One of them, Ahmed Isa Fathil, 19, a former member of the new Iraqi Army, said he had been held and tortured there for 22 days. All the while, he said, his face was almost entirely taped over and his hands were cuffed.

In an interview with an embedded reporter just hours after he was freed, he said he had never seen the faces of his captors, who occasionally whispered at him, "We will kill you." He said they did not question him, and he did not know what they wanted. Nor did he ever expect to be released.

"They kill somebody every day," said Mr. Fathil, whose hands were so swollen he could not open a can of Coke offered to him by a marine. "They've killed a lot of people."

From the house on Saturday, there could be heard sounds of fighting from the large-scale offensive to eliminate strongholds of insurgents, many of whom stream across Iraq's porous border with Syria.

As the marines walked through the house - a squat one-story building of sand-colored brick - the broken black window glass crunched under their boots. Light poured in, revealing walls and ceiling shredded by shrapnel from the blast they had set off to break in through a wall. Latex gloves were strewn on the floor. A kerosene lantern lay on its side, shattered.

The manual recovered - a fat, well-thumbed Arabic paperback - listed itself as the 2005 First Edition of "The Principles of Jihadist Philosophy," by Abdel Rahman al-Ali. Its chapters included "How to Select the Best Hostage," and "The Legitimacy of Cutting the Infidels' Heads."

Also recovered were several fake passports, a black hood, the painkiller Percoset, handcuffs and an explosives how-to-guide. Three cars loaded with explosives were parked in a garage outside the house. The marines blew them up...

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shame sen. durbin

I can't explain the surreal hyperbole surrounding the supposed abuse of terrorists, other than to say it's a matter of psychopathology as much as politics. At least some of the irresponsible fools in the chorus Durbin has joined must be aware that they are not only insulting and demoralizing both our troops and our country; they are not only providing critical propaganda support to al Qaeda and impeding the Government's ability to prevent the next 9/11; they are also trivializing the horrors that the profoundly evil ideologies of communism and fascism have inflicted on millions of innocent victims. What sort of sickness makes them want to do that?

to the nutcases out there joe stalin, adolf, and pol pot murdered millions.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

what you will never see in Newsweek

not to mention Josph's tomb that was burned nor the church of the nativity.

god bless America & Israel