Sunday, June 19, 2005


KARABILA, Iraq - Marines on an operation to eliminate insurgents that began Friday broke through the outside wall of a building in this small rural village to find a torture center equipped with electric wires, a noose, handcuffs, a 574-page jihad manual - and four beaten and shackled Iraqis.
The American military has found torture houses after invading towns heavily populated by insurgents - like Falluja, where the anti-insurgent assault last fall uncovered almost 20 such sites. But rarely have they come across victims who have lived to tell the tale.

The men said they told the marines, from Company K, Third Marines, Second Division, that they had been tortured with shocks and flogged with a strip of rubber for more than two weeks, unseen behind the windows of black glass. One of them, Ahmed Isa Fathil, 19, a former member of the new Iraqi Army, said he had been held and tortured there for 22 days. All the while, he said, his face was almost entirely taped over and his hands were cuffed.

In an interview with an embedded reporter just hours after he was freed, he said he had never seen the faces of his captors, who occasionally whispered at him, "We will kill you." He said they did not question him, and he did not know what they wanted. Nor did he ever expect to be released.

"They kill somebody every day," said Mr. Fathil, whose hands were so swollen he could not open a can of Coke offered to him by a marine. "They've killed a lot of people."

From the house on Saturday, there could be heard sounds of fighting from the large-scale offensive to eliminate strongholds of insurgents, many of whom stream across Iraq's porous border with Syria.

As the marines walked through the house - a squat one-story building of sand-colored brick - the broken black window glass crunched under their boots. Light poured in, revealing walls and ceiling shredded by shrapnel from the blast they had set off to break in through a wall. Latex gloves were strewn on the floor. A kerosene lantern lay on its side, shattered.

The manual recovered - a fat, well-thumbed Arabic paperback - listed itself as the 2005 First Edition of "The Principles of Jihadist Philosophy," by Abdel Rahman al-Ali. Its chapters included "How to Select the Best Hostage," and "The Legitimacy of Cutting the Infidels' Heads."

Also recovered were several fake passports, a black hood, the painkiller Percoset, handcuffs and an explosives how-to-guide. Three cars loaded with explosives were parked in a garage outside the house. The marines blew them up...

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Blogger B.a.D said...

for the record, i do read your posts. and i don't disagree with everything you say.

and every canadian is taught in school about the japanese being interned. and about how it was wrong, and how it was a mistake.

do you think 100 years from now, America would be willing to admit its mistake for going to Iraq to get the WMD's that didn't exist?

10:54 AM  
Blogger yochanan said...

I think going into iraq was the right thing Ending Saddam's GENOCIDE AGAIST THE KURDS is the reason I support it and still do.

two different parts of my family were murdered in two different genoicides.

so far they have found mass graves of 300,000 men women, children and even babies. In my life only Rwanda and pol pots genocide were worse than Saddam and if you include the fact that saddam used Kurds & shitttes in his mass wave attacks in the iran/iraq war when sunni were not sent on these sucide attacks the death totals were then higher than Rwanda's and very close to the total in the communist mass murder in cambodia.

12:53 PM  
Blogger yochanan said...

the WMD'S did exist at one time in fact Saddam used them on the Kurdish people in one town Habijia he murdered 5,000+ with bombs containing poision gas. The question is when did he stop having them? That question is not been answered.

12:55 PM  
Blogger yochanan said...

20 Kurdish police murdered by terrorist car bomb in Irbil

A minite of saddness for the death of Kurdish hero's. Time to build the Peshmerga the only answer for AL QUADA/BAA'THIST TERROR is military. On to victory Peshmerga!

6:39 AM  

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