Monday, May 30, 2005

what you will not see in the new york times

Left wing anti-semites at so called peace demos


Blogger Emmunah said...

Of course not...because the NY Times refuses to accept that the Left is beginning to be overrun with anti-semites. Granted, most of them are probably fringe, but it's a creeping sickness, and as long as they don't confront it, they can expect to become infected like "The Nation". It's a stupid thing for them to do...but stupidity seems to be the normal condition from both wingnut sides doesn't it? Sometiems I think a man I heard once was right..."go outside and scream BE REASONABLE" until moderatation becomes a militant cause!" LOL

I saw this blog recently called "Coalition of the Chillin" and someone described it as "these are the people that do not believe the world ended on inaguration day 2005". I laughed very loud hearing this description.

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